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2 August 2014

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Jaya on City Seen
Yes, very significant :-)

Jaya on Human Nature
Yes, very intense

Ralf Kesper on Human Nature
Very nice impressive portrait.


Marcel P. on Wait
Belle mise en scène.

Le Krop on Wait
J'ai d'abord cru qu'elle attendait un enfant ... sans doute ... pas sûr (?) elle attend sans doute ...

STEED on Wait
The portrait is beautiful,with many possibilities around"wait" .....Nice game between light and shadows ...

Existence Artistique on Wait
Bel effet

Ralf Kesper on Wait
Superbe portrait!

STEED on City Seen
Rebel,Rebel !!!!! Nice shot,Barry ....

Existence Artistique on City Seen
bien ce regard

Ralf Kesper on City Seen
Well made "grunge-riot" street portrait.

Le Krop on Always
Originalité et étrange beauté de cette image : j'aime beaucoup ! *****

STEED on Always
Strange Mood and Thriller to come .......Happy Halloween,Barry .....

Existence Artistique on Always
bel effet et superbe pour ce jour

beach on Always
This is a powerful image. 5*

Ralf Kesper on Always
Great combo, with top toning. This picture tells a history. Simple, but well done.

omid on Always
such beautiful composition, focus & DOF ! Amazing.

STEED on Madi
..As taken from a "Black Novel" or a Thriller ....Nice shot,Barry .....

Le Krop on Decided
La tristesse (?) mise en scène : well done, effectivement.

STEED on Decided
Moody !!!!! Well done,Barry ....

STEED on Until
Once more,I see"Vogue",in the angle of picture ......You're perfectly in line with the Style,Barry ...

Eye for Beauty on Until
very nice

Existence Artistique on Until
bien endormi

Le Krop on Apart
Joli(e) !

Eye for Beauty on Apart
very nice. what a feeling you get

Ralf Kesper on Apart
Superbe used available light.

STEED on Apart
I like the way you do your pictures,and share the pleasure to play with natural light ........A Beautiful Nude,Sexy ...

Existence Artistique on Apart

Gérard Flayol on Passenger Side
Steed, don't cry, it's not your car !!!! Superb !

STEED on Passenger Side
Imagine it's your car .....Imagine !!! ....(

STEED on Spool
A Nice way to valorize these spools ....Love the palet of greys,here ..Well done,Barry ...

STEED on Abigail
Light Beautifully mastered ...............and I Love this T-Shirt !!!!!!

STEED on Abby
Fine portrait,Barry !!!!

Le Krop on Abigail
Très jolie lumière naturelle maîtrisée.

Susy on Reaching Out
Very expressive!!!!

Existence Artistique on Abby

STEED on Until
What I Love,in your production,is always the curious and perfectly scenarized mood around the Girls and chozen places ...

STEED on Desertion
A place I Love !!!!

Harry on Reaching Out
extremely creative

Harry on Until
oh my - the story behind this? intriguing

Zsákai Péter on Reaching Out
good photo

AMIR BABA on Reaching Out

AMIR BABA on Seperation

omid on Seperation
such beautiful angle, focus, DOF & colors!

Existence Artistique on Seperation
bien ce regard comme s'il traversait à travers ses cheveux

Dimitrios on Seperation

STEED on Seperation
A Portrait with so much caughted Melancholia ......Well done,Barry ....

Barry on Reaching Out
Thank you everyone!!

Le Krop on Reaching Out
Et bravo aussi pour le spot, je n'avais pas vu :-)

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