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A Step Back
28 March 2018

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11 July 2016

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2 August 2014

Recent Comments

manolo on Selective
pudique et suggestive. très belle photo.

AMIR BABA on Neglection

AMIR BABA on Selective

AMIR BABA on Contained

STEED on Contained
The frame in the frame ....Well done,Barry ...

Le Krop on Selective
Superbe !

STEED on Selective
This is an excellent shot,Barry ......Let the Imagination work ....Well done ....*****

STEED on Ahold
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****

Le Krop on Neglection
(You could talk to us about the title, even if, I suppose, you want us to imagine a personal way...)

Le Krop on Neglection
Angoissant, certes, mais aussi très beau ! *****

omid on Neglection
Wonderful portrait.

STEED on Neglection
Anguish !!!!!

Existence Artistique on Neglection
bel effet sur les yeux

omid on Tunnel Vision
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le Krop on Tunnel Vision
Impressionnant !

Darkelf Photography on Tunnel Vision
Great vision and unique composition.

Existence Artistique on Tunnel Vision

STEED on Matching
Is this the Little Sister of "Mama Cass Elliott" ? Nice expression,and nice portrait,Barry ....

STEED on Tunnel Vision
Original and well done ....

Existence Artistique on Matching
belles couleurs

Larry Bliss on Contemplation
Really powerful!

omid on Contemplation
such beautiful pose, lights & shadows! Amazing portrait.

Le Krop on Contemplation
yes, well done...

STEED on Contemplation
A nice frozen expression ....Well done,friend ...

STEED on Fashion Factory
An excellent picture,Barry .....

Le Krop on In Between
Un peu olé olé ; cependant, on a presque l'impression de sentir la douceur de la peau.

STEED on In Between
Fashion,as I Love !!!! Well done !!!!

Le Krop on Modine
Une atmosphère qui me plait !

omid on Modine
such beautiful angle, focus, DOF, colors & details! Amazing.

STEED on Modine
"well" ...Sorry .

STEED on Modine
Wel done ...Like the mood of the place .....

STEED on Porch Portrait
Sexy,just as it does ......Very nice !!!!!

Le Krop on Porch Portrait
J'aime beaucoup.

Le Krop on Double Vision
Oui, très bien fait : j'aime. J'aime le double, et j'aime la couleur, qui rend l'image ...

STEED on Double Vision
I Love this "trouble" of the Vision .....Well done,Barry .....

Existence Artistique on Double Vision
oh excellent

Existence Artistique on Blending In
bien ce bleu

AMIR BABA on Blending In

STEED on On the Darkside
After the Angel face,the Dark Side of the Mind ...Well done,Barry ...

Le Krop on Nymph
Superbe ! Bravo !

STEED on Nymph
Modernist and Moody ......Well done,the Artist !!!!!

dik on Backlit
I love your work.

Existence Artistique on Backlit

Le Krop on Bubbleless
!... choc.

Michael Rawluk on Bubbleless
This shot is wonderful.

Eye for Beauty on Corners
beautiful. well done

Eye for Beauty on Slice
nice effect

Eye for Beauty on Rachel

Existence Artistique on Rachel
bel effet

STEED on Rachel
Cute Portrait .....

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